Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday Morning Thoughts

1. If I were to write a review for Namaste London, I would wind it up in one sentence: You must speak fluent English to win a woman -- that's the clinching factor, no matter how good you are at dancing or singing or playing rugby.

2. Why on earth do they play Harbhajan Singh in crucial matches? I have never seen him take wickets, only give away plenty of runs.

3. Why did they continue showing commercials lionising Tendulkar and Dhoni even after each of them got out for a duck?

4. Shouldn't Greg Chappel and Rahul Dravid resign? The team had more energy when there was no coach and when Azharuddin was the captain.

5. Shouldn't Tendulkar now call it a day?


Anonymous said...

Well said, why dont these jokers leave way to younger players?

Jo said...

Leaving out the namaste london thought, everyone would probably reflect the same thoughts as yours. Absolutely disgusting of Team India to return back this way.

RS said...

Team India - Ladte, toh jeette bhi!

Bloody defeatists.

Manoj said...

The whole team should resign - why limit it to only Greg, Dravid and Tendulkar.

dharmabum said...

sok man, they played, they lost, so what the hell. i am actually quite happy in a way - a lot less time wasted :)

also, the day before the lank match - someone told me india is definitely gonna win coz it was a question of a lot of advertising money, and so the match would be fixe and all. which kinda depressed me. and when i figured we didn't win after all, i was a lil relieved

deepthi vinod said...

what team India needs is another team which is more on field and less on TV!!!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

It is puzzling how a whole country can be in denial. The Indian team are NOT champion material. Is that so difficult to understand?

chitra said...


Came thru shankari's blog.

Should cricket be given so importance that it seems to be featuring in all the blogs!

Ignoring them would be the best way out!!