Friday, March 09, 2007


Saturday morning:
Maya and I
sitting in Marina
watching the sun rise

Against the orange glow
Maya got up
hitched up her skirt:
"I am going to dip my feet"

"Don't," I told her, "it is dangerous"
She raised her eyebrows:
"Is that an order?" I said "yes."
"Then try stopping me."

The sun came up
Maya went down
Swallowed by the sea,
or ego?

I kept sitting there
sand of time flowed
beach became desert
two years passed

One morning,
a tap on my shoulder
it was Maya!
Was I dreaming?

"No you are not,
it's me Maya,
my sweetheart.
I'm yours

"But remember
you can only feel me
not have me, for
I am Maya -- the illusion"


dharmabum said...

hey bg, this is strange. almost eerie. i've been thinking of writing about the exact same thing off late.

beautiful way u have here, to express that which is inexpressible. as always, nice!

the vere word fascinates me. in sanskrit, it is defined as 'ya ma, sa maya' - meaning that which isn't, is maya. :)

cheers rahega!

Annie mullore said...

Beautiful sir. Did she come to you in the form of this poem or as your life partner, after two years? However, never leave her now. Bring out her virtues like this. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I must say, this is the best so far from you.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be running after illusions. I am sure you are looking for something in life that is beyond your reach. Isn't it?
Anyway, welcome back!

Anonymous said...

when in sickness....go for google search!!:)

as for the body - "yeh to sirf kaya hai, baaki sab kuch maya hai" :)

Paresh Palicha said...

Swallowed by the sea,
or ego?

Just fabulous. Maya is an ego boosting element. And, losing her because of ego... signs of a true yogi

wildflower said...

who's dis maya chick?
n btw whr wer u all dese days?
missed u...

bhamsblog said...

Hey Krishna! I am amazed, this is the stuff of spiritual discourse. the bit about self dying and ego, whew!

Anjy's World said...

Maya! hmm, my best friend is Maya, but thank god she is real! good write up.