Friday, March 23, 2007

Relationship Grid

I stood at the 'Foreign Magazines' gondola at Landmark, as I often do, turning the pages of GQ. Browsing next to me a beauty who could have belonged to its glamorous pages, and with her a boy, possibly her brother.

My eyes were feasting on Naomi Campbell, alternating between her sensual gaze and her bare nipple that stood out like a rudraksha bead. But my eye on my ear was watching the beauty and her brother. "Who's this?" he asked, pointing to a picture in between fiddling with his phone.

"Jemima Khan," she replied with an accent. "She was married to Imran Khan, the Pakistan cricketeer. He is a famous cricketeer. She is now going out with Hugh Grant, whose wife, ex-wife, has recently got married to Arun Nayar."

The brother, still fiddling with his phone, said: "One marries a Pakistani, another marries an Indian. Funny!"

She admonished him: "Stop sending messages. You will finish my balance."


Anonymous said...

Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan actually split up around five weeks ago. Also, Liz Hurley wasn't his ex-wife, they never married.

dharmabum said...

poor naomi - from nipple baring in magazines to garbage cleaning :) sometimes life can be one helluva roller coaster ride, no?

deepthi vinod said...

that we what we call unity in diversity with the indi and pak and europe and american !!!!