Monday, March 12, 2007

Different Strokes

Occasionally people make love in places other than the bed either for lack of space and privacy or for pure thrill or, in extreme cases, out of sheer lack of control. So they do it behind the bushes, in the balcony, in the car, in the train, in the kitchen, or the dining table, or a cliff and so on. And quite often, they fantasise to do it in one of these places. This morning I was having a chat with a woman who is about 28, gorgeous and intelligent. The intelligence made the conversation hop from recipes for cocktails to recipes for happiness before it gravitated to perhaps the greatest source of happiness -- sex. "My fantasy is to do it in a helicopter. No, not in a plane, but helicopter. Weird na?" Not at all, baby, different strokes for different folks.


Anonymous said...


But I have actually DONE it in a state transport bus while returning from Trichy to chennai with my wife! We were both 'hungry' for it, having been off it for a month or so. It was great! Dont know if someone noticed, though.

samforyou said...

as they say , variety is a spice of life !!! enjoy as it happens and wherever it happens ehehehhehehe