Monday, October 21, 2013

What's In A Name

'Enough is enough', she said, 'Now make up your mind, whether you love me or the laptop.'

'Give a moment, baby,' he said, 'Just one more song to be downloaded. Then am all yours. You know when did I last hear this song -- the one I am downloading? I must have been fifteen, maybe sixteen.'

'You are crazy, do you know that?'


'OK, I am crazy about you, do you know that?'

'Sort of.'

And then, with his leg, he gently pushed the laptop to the edge of the bed, and rested his head on her lap.

'Why are you looking at them,' she said, 'I know they are big. God, I hate them.'

'No, I am not looking at them,' he said, 'I am just looking at your face. But they are not big, trust me. They are just right.'

'I knew you would say that. Men, I tell you!'

'What has this got to do with men? I am not speaking on behalf of other men. I just told you what I thought.'

'But don't you think they are a little too big?'

'No they are not. They are just right.'

'Anyway, mister, big or small, you are now saddled with them. You don't have a choice, do you?'


'By the way, did I tell you that I have names for them?'


'Well. This one is Bob, and this one is Dylan.'

'Sorry? Which one is what?'

'This one is Bob, and this one is Dylan.'

'But why can't the left one be Bob and the right one Dylan?'

'My choice. But you can interchange the names if you like. As long as they add up to Bob Dylan. You know how crazy I am about him.'

'I know.'

'Don't you love them?'

'I do. But if I had a choice, I would name them Sahir and Ludhianvi.'

'Sahir and what?'

'Sahir and Ludhianvi. You see, Sahir Ludhianvi was a great songwriter. He wrote some of the best songs ever written for Hindi cinema. In India, he is as big as Bob Dylan -- maybe even bigger.'

'But how come I never heard about him?'

'Maybe because you have lived away far too long? You are more American than Indian, aren't you?'

'Oh baby, don't say that. You can call them Sahir and whatever you want them to. But do love them and do love me, will you?'

'Of course I will.'