Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lost Lines

Lines you don't hear in Hindi movies these days:

1. "Main maa banne waali hoon": I am pregnant (The announcement by the girl usually arouses extreme reactions -- either that of joy or shock, depending upon whether she got pregnant before or after marriage).

2. "Sharam nahin aati badon se zubaan ladaate huey?": Aren't you ashamed to argue with elders in this fashion? (Usually spoken by the mother to the rebel son who is rude to his father. Occasionally, the line is accompanied by a slap).

3. "Beti, bhagwaan ke ghar der hai, andher nahin": My child, there might be delay in god's house, but never darkness (Usually mouthed by a kind-looking, lean priest, to a hapless woman, who has become a victim of circumstances).

4. "Main is shahar ka ek shareef aur izzatdar aadmi hoon": I am one of the city's decent and respectable men (This is how a small-time criminal who has now become a big businessman and even a bigger criminal introduces himself to the new police inspector in the locality).

5. "Khabardaar jo kisi ne hilne ki koshish ki": No one dare move (Spoken by the man who holds the gun: he could be the hero, the villain or the police inspector).

6. "You are under arrest" (Spoken, of course, by the police officer, usually towards the end of the movie).

7. "Geraftaar kar lo in sab ko!": Arrest these people! (This line ends the fight between the good guys and the bad guys, and also signals the end of the movie).

8. "Order! Order!" (That's the judge).


Anonymous said...

another line to add.."mein saari zindagi tumhare yaad mein bithayungi".

janani sampath said...

and of course bachao bachao...tumhare ghar main maa- behan nahin hain kya? (usually the heroine's dialogue said to the villain, when he makes advances... preludes to a rape scene) :)-

Anonymous said...

Hey you forgot two biggies:

1) Mein tumhare bache ki maa bannewali hoon!


2) Mujhe bhagwankeliye chod do!
(growing up with not enuff knowledge of the language I used to think she preferred getting it from god!!!)

Anonymous said...

whoops! U already got the bacha wala thing in there! sorry! bad memory!!!worser attention span!!!

Anonymous said...

you missed "kuththe! main tumhara khoon pee jaaoonga!", "main tujhe zinda nahin chodunga!"...

nevertheless, i miss the "raaburt", "saara sheher humko loin ke naam se jaantha hai" and all that stuff... :)

- arun