Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Mole

But one morning
during my visit to Sensitive Mounds
I lost my way.
Standing alone in the valley, amid
miles and miles of white velvety stretch.

I called her to ask for directions
She giggled and laughed and refused to tell
"You are experienced, you should know,
you come to the Mounds often
sometimes to write, sometimes to rest."

But this morning, my darling
I am drunk on lust. I am all alone
and there are millions of bumps
Have mercy and show me the way
At least tell me the nearest landmark.

I heard her blush and then giggle:
"Ok, take a left. There you will find a mole
from there go right and take a left again.
Confused? Ok, call me once you reach the mole
I shall guide you from there."

After a fulfilling morning at the Mounds
I thought of the mole: how foolish he is --
he is there to make the flawless flawed
but amid the velvety sands,
he is an oasis called the beauty spot.


wildflower said...

:) ... tell you what..very well written..hats off to you as usual!

Anonymous said...


janani sampath said...

That's very intense....creates a thousand images of love and passion

Anonymous said...


Archi said...

hats off to you dear....

Awesome! All the best for future i know your future will surely be brighter then it is right nw

janani sampath said...

i think this is the best of all poems you have written so far.. waddya say? :)

Usha Ramani said...

Wow! I wonder how this post had skipped out of my attention. I am glad I bumped into it. Loved the lovely metaphors!