Monday, March 23, 2009

Song Of Silence

Smoke wafting up from my fingers
Scotch waiting at the elbow
We sat in the gentle glow
feasting on silence

She bared her soul
I bared mine
And yet
we had not spoken a word

We held hands, hugged tight
kissed passionately
And yet
we had not touched each other

Desires burned
fulfillment glowed
as we sat listening
to the song of silence.


Anonymous said...

Simply superb!

Karishma VP said...


Anonymous said...

mmmm, some profound thoughts

Anonymous said...

smoke, scotch, silence..
shivani - smiled shyly..

Anonymous said...

marvelous...very deep

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Love is fragile: Finally, you like something I wrote. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The poem was nice with profound meaning and enjoyed reading.
However i am not able to digest one aspect.

With a cigarette dangling between your fingers and the drink providing the solace and comfort, where does the woman figure here?

If she also smokes and drinks there is no problem. Otherwise she may end up with a cigarette flavour kiss and an alcohol rinsed lips:)

Silence is sactuary.
Noise operates at the periphery.

Just like an old steam engine. It produces so much of noise for those very little movement.

But silence dwells deep down.The satisfaction that you derive diving deep down is inexplicable.The depth plunges you into some kind of fear. Silence can be fearful.Thats the beauty of it.

You cant reach the centre of silence with cigarettes and alcohol.No such catalyst can capture silence.Silence is surely polluted in the hands of the vices.

"We held hands, hugged tight
kissed passionately
And yet
we had not touched each other"

It may sound paradoxical but is absolutely true.
You made me read those lines repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Yes BG, "The Song Of Silence" really touched my heart. It's not that I don't like your view on life or your writings, it is just that my opinion about "Love" is different. That does not mean anyone else has to agree. If you are in love you are blessed, that is what I believe in.
But I must say I have just started reading your blog about 2 months now and honestly I do check it out everyday now. I do like to debate on your views, and also at the same time enjoy your writings.. Keep up the good work...God Bless

Udaya said...

Wonder if you have heard this song:

The sound of silence - Simon and Garfunkel

The poem reminded me of it..