Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Playboy, Anyone?

Someone just left this message on my Orkut scrapbook:

Require young playboys.interested age between 20-30 and height above 5'5" can mail their details with their contact number to kriyakapoorrr@gmail.com.will revert back.
Experience atleast once.
Earning 25000 per day.

Kriya, I regret to inform you that I've long crossed the age limit.


Anonymous said...

well do you have your picture on orkut, you do look young enough to be in your 20s for them to have approached you:)) thats a compliment eh!!

on a serious note, that ad sounds a bit sinister!!! didnt know India was getting this fast!

Anonymous said...

I missed the chance narrowly!!

Wish the ad read length 5'5" instead of height:)

Unlucky Me:)

Anonymous said...

There was an ad in a news paper.

Wanted Husband!
Who wont beat me.
Who wont run away from me.
Who will be wonderful in bed.

ONe late evening the door bell rang.The lady opened the door and was surprised to see a man barely 3 feet tall.

He said "maam i have responded to your ad".
The lady had one close look at him.
He had no hands. She thought ok he cant beat me.
He had no legs. She thought ok he cant run away from me.
But she could not contain the suspense.
She asked him "With all these handicaps do you believe that you could be wonderful in bed?
The man politely said" Ofcourse madam I was the one who rang the door bell:)"

Anony...Looks like you are the one who rang the bell..

Anonymous said...

Hey Bishu, give me this guys number.