Tuesday, July 18, 2006

If You Don't See Me Here...

The department of telecommunications -- the government, in short -- seems to have ordered internet service providers to block Blogpost and a few other blog hosts. The move is supposedly aimed at clamping hate sites and possibly preventing potential terrorists to use the blog as a medium of communication -- this is what I gather from whatever little I've read so far: there is no official explanation.

I am in a funny situation: while I can access my blog -- or any other Blogspot address -- from the office, I am unable to open it from home, where I do most of my blogging. Tomorrow, if the ISP at my office also decides to block Blogspot, then I would completely lose control over my blog. I don't know how long this is going to last -- or is it that I won't be able to see On The Ganga Mail page again? At the moment I feel like a father whose son has been picked up for interrogation by the police -- as it often happens in Kashmir and in the Northeast -- and who does not know if he will ever see the son again. I better retrieve my posts while I can still do it and save them in a file; and name the file as "When I stood By the Ganges."

People in India are unlikely to read this post, but those abroad -- I mean those who have been reading me -- could you please drop a line on my e-mail so that I can store your IDs?


Anonymous said...

bishwa - a bit paranoid - dont you think - we can se the blog fine! so far!

Paresh Palicha said...

Hurray!! I can Still read ur blog!!! Now Guzzle a couple of drinks & write something about RD & Gulzar combo.


Megha Bansal said...

Is the govt. seriosuly doing that. it really doesnt make sense! but from the above posts, it looks like things are so far ok!

i do sincerely hope that this is just a passing thing!

Anu Russell said...

This is ridiculous. What happened to the freedom of speech and expression? Golly!

Anyway I hope you can acess blogspot from your home soon!