Tuesday, July 25, 2006

'Dangers of Blocked Ejaculation'

Once in a while, when I am screen sucking (that is sitting in front of the computer aimlessly), I go to the Statcounter to check the visitor activity on my blog. While most of the referring URLs are known to me, quite a few visitors are directed to my blog through random Google searches. The searches are usually of this type: 'Chennai + bars', 'Prostitutes in Chennai', 'Women with big breasts', 'Massage parlours in Delhi' and so on.

Today two people were directed to my blog after they Google-searched for the following:

'Jyothika with others in bed'; and

'The dangers of blocked ejaculation.'


Paresh Palicha said...

heeheeeheee!!! Hahaha. YOU DESERVE IT

Ram said...

Hi Bishwanath:

True story -- I read your post "The pursuit of Pleasure" a month ago and forgot to bookmark/blogroll your blog. A few days ago, I wanted to find your blog and a lot of searches led nowhere.
Then I went over to Google Blog search (beta) and I recalled that you had mentioned a driver in your post. Chennai + driver and a few other keywords, and boom -- your was the first hit.

I won't forget now...


in2mind said...


Those two search terms were Uber Weird !!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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supliment said...

I've heard that garlic increases ejaculation power and taste.

Is this right?? Don't joke, cus if true, i'd really go to work every day smelling bad :P


muebles madrid said...

I completely agree with the post.