Thursday, March 04, 2010

Of Swamis And Sex

So yet another swami has been caught in a sex scandal. Don't you feel like saying: "Big fucking deal?" Only that in these days of spycam and You Tube, whenever a swami is caught, you have the privilege of watching him in the act. And that's when you realise that the swami is as human as you. But it is you humans who first make a God out of him and then stone him once you realise that his desires are very human.

The question is, why do need a swami to make life easier for you? Hasn't God given you sufficient brains to sort out your problems for yourself? But no, you still need a swami to tell you the obvious things in life. Such as, death and disease are inevitable, or, whatever happens happens for the good. If assurance is all you want, why don't you buy a copy of the Bhagavad Gita? It will cost you barely a hundred rupees and you will have none other than Lord Krishna counselling you -- directly. Yet you fall for these long-haired bogus bastards?

Actually I don't blame the so-called swamis at all: for them swamiship is a lucrative career option. They are smart people and I salute them for that. In which other profession do you get so much of respect as well as cash and female attention, that too without going to college ever? Being a poet could have been one such profession provided you were Rabindranath Tagore, who barely went to school but still had fame kissing his feet and women eating out if his hands. But Tagore was called Gurudev, not a guru or a swami.

Today, it is so easy to match -- or even beat -- Tagore. All you need to do is grow long hair and learn the Bhagavad Gita by heart and set up a camp in a small town. In the beginning you may have just 20 followers, but if you are convincing enough during your discourses, then the number will soon grow to 200, then 2,000 and finally 200,000. It's like spreading your business over the years. If our swamis were all incarnations of god, then why do they have minuscule following in the beginning and not start directly with a following of 20 million? That's because they are nothing but ambitious businessmen seeking to expand their base and following. More the following, more the money and women (or men, depending on the sexual orientation of the swami). Yet gullible Indians fall for them.

A perfect swami, according to me, is someone who has given up the pleasures and luxuries of life, which includes sex. Such a swami, according to me, either lives in the Himalayas, cut off from human civilisation, or works selflessly and relentlessly to save the civilisation without expecting his followers to build an opulent ashram for him. When a swami demonstrates a materialistic expectation or desire, you can be sure that his sexual desires are alive as well.

Sex is the nucleus of human existence whichever way you look at it -- pleasure or procreation. You just can't do without it as long as you are living amid fellow humans, no matter how strong-willed a swami you are. And as long as he does not intimidate or con women into bed claiming special powers, even a swami is entitled to some fun.


yours truly said...

Well said, BG...selfless service and Himalayas seem to be quite rare:D

anand said...

Hi BG,
read ur post abt the swami issue. i was just wondering - does a swami become a lesser swami if he has sexual urges and desires? 'swami' is somebody who has understood oneself completely (and it is implied that when one understands self completely, one understands the ultimate truth of the universe). so if sex figures in a swami's list of things-to-do, he does not become any more base. what is important that such sex is consensual and not opportunistic (more on the swami's part). if there's a person who's got a busy sex life and yet, works for the downtrodden, underprivleged and those who need support - he's a better swami than some idiot who claims to be celibate and sits on his bum the whole day or even somebody who meditates in a forest, far away from people, 'contemplating' life. What say?

Anonymous said...

I saw the video footage of Swami Nityanandha.
He may have mastered all the Hindu Religious sacred scriptures, but he's a dummy and a novice when it comes to sex.
The woman in the video enters the room, oozing in sex and believe me, the Swamy is watching TV:)
She goes all out to seduce him and the Swamy remains apathetic to her foreplay.
Poor Lady!!
She is unaware of his starting trouble.
If only he had devoted 10% of his valuable time to master the art of Sex,his life would have been complete.
By the time he showed his alacrity to learn, he was caught probably.

All the swamijis preach love, but they are scared of admitting that sex is the starting point of love.

What is Gangotri to Ganga is Sex to Love.
What is coal to Diamond is Sex to Love.

Can you ever declare that i have the most precious diamond but there is no coal in it?
Somewhere the Swamy should have made known that he is not opposed to sex.
Man first found the luminous path to Samadhi only at the time of coitus, where the thoughts totally vanish.
Thats the taste of Godliness.
We always believe that Godliness is devoid of sex.
Thats the quality we attribute to a Swamy and he has no choice, but to accept it.
The acceptance does not go unrewarded.
He gets the attention, money, fame, followers etc.
As against these rich rewards in life what is sex after all?.. he must have thought.
But the fact remains that the soil in which the seed was planted was faulty.
Therefore the seed was also faulty.

பத்மா said...

i endorse ur views .the mass gathers where there is it a guru or a scandal.

Daniel. I said...

Ironically, the "rolling" sadhu seems to be gathering lots of masses.

janani sampath said...

oh it reminds me of an interview I had done. some elite swamiji who had a PR agent and was behaving exactly like a celebrity..
no wonder any swami, I see, looks fake to me.... well said..

TheMemoryMaker said...

I agree with what you have to say in this post.
We have stopped thinking for ourselves. And that is the root of many problems. We are becoming very comfortable letting someone else tell us what to think, do, decide. EIther it is the media, or political leaders, spiritual gurus and the list is never ending.
How many of us really do something because we believe in it ? SOmethings are done simply because it is in fashion, even thoughts. It is in Fashion to meditate or do yoga, so we do it.
Once we grow up and decide to leave the bher-chaal and start thinking for ourselves, such people who make money using us will stop flourishing. And I am not just talking about the spritual Godmen here.

Soumya said...

Our Gods aren't celibate.Most of our rishis were married men & often, the rishi who succumbed to the apsara's charms was readily forgiven. Whenever a swami scandal crops up, I wonder when could we have enforced celibacy on our Godmen? Influence of other religions like Jainism where sacrifice is considered ultimate? Probably.

Anonymous said...

Charukesi has massacred your book at

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Anon: Thanks for providing the link to the blog. No, I am not going to lose my sleep over a sloppy review by a sightseer trying her hand at writing :)

Anonymous said...

Married or unmarried, all people look at is sex (with husband/wife or even others even dogs u know)

Sex need not be the starting point of love. This is the concept that leads to unsuccessful marriages. This is why adultery. Man and woman need variety eh.

If a man and woman fall in love after 65, is the starting point sex??? Do not tell me love cannot happen after 60 now.

Duh, he cannot even do the salute, forget hoisting the flag. Do not generalise. Probably it is the individual's perception, his/her love.

"What is Gangotri to Ganga is Sex to Love.What is coal to Diamond is Sex to Love.Can you ever declare that i have the most precious diamond but there is no coal in it?"

Well, don't you love ur mother or father or will u say it is not love just compassion or a liking. Or u mean to say, a child is born from sex, so sex is the starting point?? U love someone coz u love em, not coz their private parts are attractive.

Thoughtless or a form of samadhi need not come at the time of ejaculation alone. One may even think "Holy crap, what am i doing" during the prime time of sex.

"Thats the taste of Godliness" is it Amul butter u are talking about.

Finally, just because one woman is a slut or a man is a gay (let equality prevail), does not mean all are. Or are they?

What Soumya said is true. When did the concept of celibacy come into hinduism? Hinduism terms a householder's life as grihastashrama.

Karishma VP said...

Yes, even a swami is entitled to some fun, but if he enforces celibacy on his disciples (as Nithyananda did, on people who wanted to take up his "healer" initiation programs), then he is an absolute hypocrite and cannot be forgiven! Sure, have fun, but why stop others from having it too? This is why I like Osho so much...for all the controversy surrounding him, at least, he wasn't a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

But why be such hypocrites!! The swami's need to practice what they preach..

janani sampath said...

it also makes me think have we assumed that swamijis don't have sexual desires and then when they show us we are wrong we censure them..
since when did sex become sucha blasphemous word or act?? I wonder.. yes, i agree that as long as they don't con women into bed, claiming purification, it is fine.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think there is a politicians, swamis nexus? As long as it is convenient for the politicians to hoard their black money and acquire lands with the help of the mataadhipathis they are absolutely happy, attend functions, make promises they choose to forget even as they alight the steps down the stage! Once the Swamis learn the tricks of the trade and start laying down some rules, hidden cameras are fixed & unholy activities are exposed. For a few lakhs and prime time viewership private tv channels are ready to air the videos even before the other side of the story is heard. I am not saying swami nithyananda was a saint. He does not radiate one bit of divinity. For all we know now about him, he may have taken to spiritualism because of his erectile dysfunction! Take it easy people....

Jash said...

The notion that God exists, that all our actions are only reactions, that we are being moved by the 'soul,' it only makes the human a slave of this distorting science of cause and effect.

So we spend all our lives in search for the right cause, and this only feeds the business of spirituality.

All actions are mutually exclusive of each other, there is no causality as such, one will overpowers the other will, for instance - I have to submit a dissertation tomorrow, but here I am... And all the wills are only yours...No "chemical disorder."

If you call it a disorder, even that is your will to give it that meaning, than labeling it something else.

So my friend, God, all Holy cows are Dead in rigor mortis... Party..

Unknown said...
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