Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Walking in the desert
not a twig in sight
under the scorching sun
waiting for the night

But night is far away
for the day has just begun
Of what happened yesterday
today is another rerun

Sweat-soaked, deep in thought
you wonder: what if?
Lo behold, a crevice opens
and you plunge into its whiff

Streams wash your sore feet
pleasures compensate your pains
angels give you fruits to eat
In Netherland happiness rains.


janani sampath said...

wah wah... maan gaye...
I mean, I love the words :)

Anonymous said...


Arjun said...

Wow.. sometimes even night can stand for happiness.. else we always say things like
Din dhal jaaye haay raat na jaaye
woh subah kabhi toh aayegi