Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Toe Talk

This afternoon, while at work, I was chatting with a friend who I had not seen online for some time. After the where-have-you-been, how-have-you-been and all that, she enquired about my yoga practice.

"Are you still doing it?" she asked.

"Not very regular these days," I replied, with a sad smiley.

"Do you know about the camel-toe?" she asked.

"You mean the camel pose?" I asked, all set to type away how good I am with ushtra asana, or the camel pose.

"No, no, camel-toe," she insisted.

I was still wondering whether that's a yoga pose unknown to me, or a medical condition, when she sent me this link.


Anonymous said...

I am giving you too much blog fodder.

Anonymous said...

Haha. That made my morning. Thanks. There is nothing better than a good laugh while starting one's day.

ரவியா said...

i'll die less stupid !

Anu Russell said...

this is real bizzare...I read your post about camel toe...and then my colleague sends me a funny forward on camel toe...Coincidence...but funny...

Hey Bish!!!

I was in Chennai, beginning of December for about 5.5 days!! Thas all...Was way too short for my liking...Just when I started to enjoy my stay it ended...still sad :(

Idea Senator said...