Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Celebrating Pancham

Loving a musician like R.D. Burman in a city like Chennai, which has a music and rhythm of its own, can be a lonely exercise. I mean they have heard his music and all that, and they like it too, but there aren't many who seem to share your passion. Thank God the city has Baradwaj Rangan, whose understanding of RD's music is the same as mine, if not better. And now there is Neelima, known in Blogdom as Akruti, who is more of a rival than a friend: each of us seeks to gain the upper hand by springing a Pancham number that the other might not have heard of. So far, neither of us has won, but we keep sending each other song files anyway. Then there is R, who loves Pancham just the way I love him.

That way, life isn't bad. But today, January 4, is a bad day: in Hindi you would call it manhoos (inauspicious). Exactly 12 years ago, we got the news that RD, or Pancham, is dead. But every fan will tell you that he is still alive. In fact he is getting more alive every passing year. In that sense, this is a day to celebrate. And I am going to celebrate by taking break from work and running across the road to Musicworld to buy a couple of his albums. I know I wouldn't find a dream album, but I can at least dream up an album which has the best ten love songs composed ever by R.D. Burman. Best, according to me. Love, because that's me.

Here goes the list (listen to them sometime guys, you won't regret it):

1. Hum Tum Hum Do Raahi (Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya). It's a Kamal Hassan movie released in 1981. S P Balasubrahmanyan has weaved magic.
2. Jeene Ko To Jeete Hain Sabhi (Yeh Vaada Raha).
3. Mausam Pyaar Ka (Sitamgar).
4. Tu Mera Kya Laage (Oonche Log).
5. Aapki Aankhon Mein Kuchh (Ghar).
6. Roz Roz Aankhon Taley (Jeeva).
7. Ek Hi Khwaab (Kinaara).
8. Raat Banoon Main (Mangalsutra). Amazing song. Not popular, but a gem. Bhupinder and Asha.
9. Poochho Na Yaar Kya Hua (Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai).
10. Jalpari (Saagar). The background music that plays when Rishi Kapoor, from behind the bushes, watches Dimple bathing. Must listen.


Akruti said...

"Rival than a friend?" how can you even say that? not fair,U dont know how i treat my rivals,Bhuahahha,u better be my friend.
And now for my fav list of his love songs,not much diff,but lets see.

"aapki aankhon mein kuch,mehake.."

"Aaja Piya tohe pyar doon,gori bayyan,tope vaar doon" from Baharon ke sapne"

"baDe achchhe lagate hain, ye dharatii, ye nadiyaa, ye rainaa,aur,aur tum"

Bahoon mein chale aao,haan,humse sanam kya parda"

"Do lafzo ki hain,dil ki kahaani" {this song is very close to my heart}

"Roz roz,aankhontale,ek hi sapna pale"

"Poochon na yaar kya hua.."

"Churaliya haintumne jo dil ko"

"Diye jalthe hain,phool kilthe hain"

"Ek ajnabi haseena se yun mulaaqat hogayi,fir kya hua"

Ok,the list is endless:) but i have to stop somewhere.
its an honour to be written about here,by you,thankyou somuch and let the Rivalary {friendship} continue.

Anonymous said...

Love songs of dada,here's my list
1.Bade achchhe lagthe hain(Balika bdhu)
2.kahin karthi hogi(phir kab milogi)
3.chori chori shola sringar karoongi(Manoranjan)
4.tum se milke zindagi mein(chor police)
5.aaj kahin na ja(bade dil wala)
6.samay thu dheere dheere chal(karm)
7.gulmohar agar thumhara naam hota(devta)
8.kabhi kabhi sapna lagtha hain(ratnadeep)
9.bahon mein chle aao(anamika)
10.khali haath shaam aayi hain

Arundhati said...

How com everybody forgot Aandhi :O??

Awesome post and long live Pancham :-) !!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Akruti: The list is indeed endless...

Anilshankar: Your list shows you are a true RD fan. I had wanted to include the songs of Bade Dilwala and Ratnadeep ('Kabhi kabhi sapna lagta hai' is good beyond words) but they slipped out of my mind. But you have made up for it, thanks.

Arundhati: I deliberately wanted to avoid Aandhi, Ijaazat, etc. because they have been now become cliched, just like Chura Liya Hai. Great songs but I am tired of listening to them. :)

Anonymous said...

#7 rules, most unique song ever!

Susmita said...

pancham rocks period. i really cant get myself to name certain selected songs, all of his songs are legendary...

Anonymous said...

Search on google with this string,"bhupinder and asha" (with quotes); and see what it throws!

Medical Blog said...

But every fan will tell you that he is still alive.

Anubhuti said...

Five and Six my favorites. Eight is on it's way. so is Mausam..