Sunday, January 08, 2006

Old Thoughts, New Process

Looks matter. Especially when you have, at your disposal, the tools that can make something look the way you want it to look like. Hence the new look. Yes, you aren't reading anybody else's blog. It's me -- the guy who writes about women, sex and R.D. Burman.

Newspapers and magazines, when they don a new look, are obliged to explain to their readers why they are doing so. They just can't change their looks on whim. The eye of the reader, after all, is used to a certain format, which is the identity of the paper. The blog, however, is not and can never be a newspaper. For the sole reason that a blogger is not accountable or answerable to his audience. The readers can either take him or leave him.

But as a newspaperman I feel I should explain the new look. Had I been a software guy, I would have created a dream template. But I had no option but to choose from the dozen or so templates that are offered by Blogger. There were two problems here: one, the neighbour's template always looked better than mine; and two, I felt as if I was being forced to alter my thought process as per the requirements of the template.

The template you see now is called Minimalist. To me it means freedom -- less of me and my template, and more of my thoughts. And this freedom is only possible because of friends who suggested this template, friends who worked on it. My ignorance about codes only made me impatient with them while they worked, miles and miles away from me. I lost my cool, they lost their temper in return. To them: a big thank you and and a bigger sorry.

So welcome to my new-look blog. The Thought Process remains the same. Only that it has acquired more elbow space. Keep returning, then, for more on women, love, sex, Pancham and everything that touches your life and mine.


Sangeeta said...

The new look is simple..yet classy..pretty calm too

Honestly it is the content rather than the appearance that keeps me coming back

Visithra said...

i agree with sangeeta rather than the look its the content that brings us back but of course the looks an added bonus ;)

Usha said...

ya, it is not even "what' you write about but the "how" you write it that attracts me here. And it is absolutely refreshing to feel the honesty in everything you write.
so refreshing. It is like being with someone you have known forever!
The new look is cool, i mean cool as in the morning breeze, raindrops on your face and the colour blue....ya that cool!

Sheks said...

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

May be you are addicted to sex, scotch and RD Burman but its the way you express it that has got me addicted to this blog. The way you use your language is very very addictive. If I dont read it once in a while I feel something is missing. So even if looks matter they are not the only thing that matter.

The Happy Prince...

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Sangeeta, Visithra: Your comments are encouraging indeed. Thanks.

Sheks: Thanks.

Usha: Well... But then, you have always been very kind to me.

Happy Prince: I can promise this addiction won't be bad for you. :) Thank you so much.

Medical Blog said...

To me it means freedom - less of me and my template, and more of my thoughts.

Anubhuti said...

Minimalist, really ?