Thursday, January 05, 2006

Burying The Bitch

Walking home one night
I spotted
a pair of shiny eyes
a puppy:
lost, looking lost
I brought it home

For two years
she shared the flat
1 o' clock lunch, 7 o' clock reunion
she shared my burdens
as we tried reading
each other's eyes

This morning
the bitch died
I buried her silently
now I am angry, without solace:
why did I get her home
in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Jiski aawaaz mein silvat ho, nigahon mein shikan
aisi tasveer ke tukde nahi joda karte...

Haath chute bhi toh, rishten nahi chuta karte
Waqt ke shaakh se lamhe nahi toda karte...

Visithra said...

oh :( am so sorry

Anonymous said...

May her soul rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Very true, some acts in life make us wonder why we did them at all. Take it easy, life has to go on and time is the best healer.

Rim said...

I liked the line - "why I had to get her home in the first place?". Stop thinking about the bitch!

Anonymous said...

some Qs dont have answers do they, there is only moving on?

Sheks said...

so sorry to hear this.

must have been rabid.

Usha said...

I am so sorry bish. But dont ask why be happy for the times shared in these 2 years. She was put in your life for that and you for making her happy for those few days.
I know it is heartbreaking. But sooner or later it d have happened cos we outlive them.Get another puppy.

Anonymous said...

who was that puppy? me?

Deepa Bhasthi said...

that is so sad! but remember the fun you had with her. get another one

Sangeeta said...

Oh God! Im so sorry... I know how it feels...i felt the same way when my turtle died a few of years ago

Anonymous said...

so sad but was it really a bitch????? coz if it were then u why r u so angry that u brought her home as infact u shud had bn cherishing the memories of that puppy which was turned into bitch but friend bitch is a faithful animal n it never bites its own master unless gone mad. But was it really a bitch or something or someone in virtual reality. But again go to ur that post foreplay n climex........i think u will get the answer. Anyways u seem to have gud personality n good taste n as ur sign suggest that u do signify by a goat n her main objective is to climb n climb n watch her once climbing the hill n u will c her standing even at those areas where none can dare to go. So friend u have to rise n rise as u do belong to the league of A B Vajeepayee, Rahul Dravid, Kapil Dev, Dhirubhai being the league of these greats u r able to ease these hurts. Buckup friend n write some more posts n this time do explore the hurts that goes with these virtual it.

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Never quite expected such an overwhelming response. All I can say is, Thanks! -- to all of you.

Medicine said...

This morning the bitch died I buried her silently
now I am angry, without solace.