Friday, June 17, 2011

The Real Man

This evening, the status message of a friend on Google-talk read: A man can love a million girls but only a real man can love one girl in a million ways!

I did not ask the friend whether she had borrowed the line or coined it herself, but I went over it a few times and was tempted to add some words that would have made it read as: A man can love a million girls but only a real man can love one girl in a million ways (even while loving a million others)!

And then a few questions struck me (just as two questions keep striking me these days -- 1. Who on earth in Anna Hazare? and 2. What on earth is Civil Society?):

1. Who/What is a real man?

2. Why should he love just one girl?

3. Why should he love just one girl in a million ways?

4. Is it possible to reach the million-mark in one's lifetime (that was more of a thought than a question)?

5. What if the girl decides that he is not her kind of man, even if a real one: does our man continue loving her in a million ways?


Sepiamniac said...
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Anonymous said...

Love is the wrong word, a misfit. Million is used for depth and creativity and not to be taken literally. Poetry or a phrase can never exist then. They are all about exaggeration. Who ever claimed there is a real man or woman. We are all born ambiguous and express in larger propotions what we are physically endowed with. One can like a million people but love just a few in a million ways. Even among the ones that are actually loved, the kind of love expressed is different. If you score out family or kids, it boils down to soulmates and lovers. The one who is truly blessed is he or she that has both rolled into a single individual. Then it is possible to actually love that one person to the point of letting them rule your senses. Rule your mind is the phrase. It is a possibility and it happens. That's exactly when you have found what you were looking for. Lucky if you get to keep them. As for the rest of the questions about anna hazare or a non existent civil society, there are mindless others to ponder over it. The girl who posted on google deserves a million answers.

Anonymous said...

You can love a person in million ways if not more provided there is no temptation from elsewhere.
By nature men are not created to be monogamous.
A real man will yield a million times.
That is perfectly natural.
If he has no external distraction, he can try loving a million ways. However he will end up quitting faster as love comes without any effort or trying.
Every effort will make a man attain saturation faster.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. . .That was a cute remark. Temptation of mind,body or soul. Seperate it or roll it into one. If the man got tempted, he just found either permanently or temporarily what he was looking for. Something he didnt get in what he thought he had for years. No man or woman is monogamous in the true sense. Distraction and getting tempted are very lowly terms for deeper discussions. Everything is relative to age, duration of a relationship and how many times the man or woman has undergone transformations during that entire time period. Please give the word love some rest or discharge it completely. Use like instead. No one can blame anyone if love happened jusy like that, out of the blue and chose to rule your present state. Anyways the point is not about polygamy in liking but that of polygamy in love. It is a possibility BUT it is definitely not universal among the few that happened to receive it. One among them will dominate more strongly and when it does , it is to be remembered and cherished.

Anonymous said...

Civil Society..not sure! may be it's a media creation

Santosh Sadasivan said...

To me, love is a feeling to be boundless and the former appeals to me more than the later. That doesn't mean that I preach and subscribe to multi-heterosexualism. To be loveable is to be approachable and one finds de-stressed after the convergence. Its more of giving !!

Sepiamniac said...

a million ways is too much of a restriction, you know!

rm said...

waiting to read about Anna Hazare from you.

JeeCee said...

Ponder over: "Be as you Appear, Appear as You are". said...

No doubt, the chap is totally fair.