Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sean Penn

He sat on the Besant Nagar beach all by himself, gazing at the sea. Suddenly he wondered what she must be up to, and if she could join him. He called her up.

"Hello, where are you?"

"Movie, movie," she whispered.

"Oh ok. Which movie?"

"Mystic River."

"Oh, who's there in that?"

"Shawn Penn," she whispered.

"Who?" He had heard John-something.

"SEEN PENN!" she said loudly.

"Oh," he hung up. Bloody bitch.


Anonymous said...

"...and if she could join her."

Sepiamniac said...

Giggle giggle!:)

J said...


Anonymous said...

i ddnt get it:(


Neha said...

Ami bujhte parini :(

PS - Reply in English :)

Anonymous said...

It should be "Bleddy Bitch" considering he understands only "seen"! he he he

Anonymous said...

Mr B.Ghosh please explain.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't read it earlier. Lovely!