Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things I Want To Know But Don't Know Who To Ask

1. Where is Sadashiv Amrapurkar, the man who played the dreaded villain in Hindi films in the late 1980's and early 1990's, these days?

2. Is Competition Success Review still published?

3. Do they still sell the Nirodh brand of condoms -- the yellow pack with a red strip running in the middle?

4. Are Mandrake the Magician and Phantom still alive?

5. Is there anything you can still get for 50 paise? Apart from a toffee and a match box?

6. How much does a post card cost these days? And an inland letter? And how many rupees do you need to spend to post an envelope?

7. Do they still air Sangeet Sarita and Hawa Mahal on Vividh Bharati? (Does anyone listen to Vividh Bharati at all?)


janani sampath said...

I listen to Vividh Bharti.. i have one more to add: do u still get betel leaves for 10 paise ?:)

Swarup said...

Yes CSR is still in circulation

Soumya said...

Phantom is around. His wife Diana is presumed to be dead. Actually, the villains have kidnapped her and have given her a 'face over'and the story continues - quite complicated with a ship's captain, Indian called Savarna (big bindi and all)in love with Phantom, etc.

Anonymous said...

Betel leaves cost between 25 to 33 paise depending on the season.

Anonymous said...

finally read ur book 'chai chai' and want to ask u why u didn't have even one cup of chai in the whole journey..

more questions on the book but will ask later..

margee said...

The one who finally read the book....

i am sure you must have relished each and evry page of 'chai chai'...!
I have an answer to the question u posed on BG....and the answer is to plz read pg no 8,second last line..


Anonymous said...

whoops!! missed that one. Too much of whisky made me a lil tipsy I guess :-)

Thanks Margee.. like the name!!

R! said...

BTW, Sadashiv Amrapurkar is still doing great cinema...happened to watch an awesome marathi movie 'Kadachit' featuring this great actor and Ashwini Bhave (do you remember her still?):-)