Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mistaken Identity

A piece of paper
torn into two
One carried away by the gust of wind
the other is you.
And thus: the lifelong search
for the other half.
The search fails, but you pretend:
"Wow, I found my other half!"
What a lie!
Your other half is
stuck in the branches of a mango tree
so who is this man
you are flaunting?


Anonymous said...

BG, oh BG, you snatched words from my mouth! No doubt you are the best!!! Muaaah!!!

Anonymous said...


janani sampath said...

so true! :)-

Anonymous said...

Most of us are in search of the other half and half our lives we spend searching for it and the other half pretending. You did hit the nail on the head. Wonderful >.... I am running out of words.

Anonymous said...

wow you have a way with going to miss your Garuda mall....Chai Chai are booked and cant change the travel plans:(
........wanted to get one more book signed by you :)

Anonymous said...

where is that damn mango tree!!

Anonymous said...

And she asked God
"Whom shall I blame?
Father..Thou? the wind?
or the paper that was too fragile
to be torn?
God smiled at her
"Stop the search, my child.
Some come for a season
And some for a reason
But trust me, my child
He's the one I've chosen."

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

And they lived happily ever after :)

De Dana Songs Lyrics said...

very touchy and true lines !!

Anonymous said...

BG! How do i get mu copy of your book signed by you?? Unfortunately, I dont live in any of the cities that u will be touring for the book campaign...

Anonymous said...

wow,excellent!Both BG's and Anon's.

Soumya said...

Anon @ 5.10pm - you've made a nice poem nicer!

Anonymous said...

where is the "bitch"? flown away?

Anonymous said...

bishy tell me where is this mango tree......iam tired of the search.

anand said...

Hey there BG,

I've been a reader of the Ganga Mail since I accidentally stumbled on to it about 3-4 months ago. It has kept me company on good days and more mundane ones, so thank you for that.

This comment is to congratulate you on the launch of CHai, Chai! May the book do well.

The other thing I wish you would do - write a biography on Kishore,(i'm not sure one exists). Till then, i look fwd to more stuff from u on the troika -rd,kk,gulzar....peppered with asha, if u can!