Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Woman In The Gym

Looks can be highly deceptive, still you can tell people who read and people who don't. I am pretty sure she is not the reading type, certainly not kind the who reads people's blogs. Therefore, I can write this piece in peace.

Actually it breaks my heart to write this piece because I quite like the woman: tallish, dusky and sharp-featured. I have been seeing her in the gym for almost a year now. There are some people with who, the moment your eyes meet theirs, something starts cooking in the air. You instantly smell the chemistry. You feel her eyes are following you. She feels your eyes are following her. Even though in reality it may not be so, but the imaginary gaze piercing you from behind keeps your adrenalin pumped all the while that you are in the gym. There are days when I refuse to slow down on the treadmill even if my feet ache (I usually start my 20-minute walk at the speed of 7.1 km/hr and end at 8.5 km/hr) only because I know she is watching me in between her workouts. Only when I step off the treadmill do I realise that she is long gone. But there are days when she is still there, our eyes silently meeting every now and then, till one of us leaves the gym.

In such situations, eyes usually speak far more than words. In fact, words can spoil it. There is no dearth of cases when you fancy a person till the time he or she happens to speak to you. Really, spoken words can shatter your fantasies. It is best to speak with your eyes. Just like we do, or did, till at least this morning.

This morning, when I walked into the gym, she was nowhere in sight. I smiled at the various trainers and did my stretches and then hopped on to the treadmill. To my great joy, I discovered that she was already there, on the exercycle right next to the treadmill -- so close that we could have held each other's hands and worked out. At the cost of my prestige, I programmed the treadmill to the speed of just 6 km/hr. Nobody in the gym had ever seen me walk so slow. But today the idea was not to walk, but to watch.

She was pedalling steadily so far, but presently she slowed down. Perhaps my arrival had made her conscious. Pedalling at the lowest speed possible, she plunged her hand into her T-shirt. Was I dreaming? Her fingers kept moving inside, as if she was looking for something inside her bra. Was I dreaming? Was she teasing me? Wow. The out came a taali -- or the mangal sutra. Fuck! Was this her way of telling me, "Lay off, I am married" or "I know something is cooking between us, but let me tell you beforehand that I am married"? Her being married or not married did not make any difference to me, but what a funny, perhaps smart, way of letting me know. I smiled to myself and increased the speed slightly, but I could not entirely take my eyes off her.

She stretched the mangalsutra to its entire length and plucked out a safety pin attached to it. She undid the safety pin and proceeded to use it as a toothpick, even while she was pedalling. She took her own sweet time in getting rid of the remnants between her teeth. Last night's dinner or this morning's breakfast? Who cared. I increased my speed straight to 8 km/hr. I had already wasted eight minutes.


Anonymous said...

lol! trust me- there are thousands such out there! unfortunately for me I keep bumping into them quite often too! My heart sings, "here a break, there a break every where a heart break" all the time!!!

- colourmewhite

Anonymous said...


janani sampath said...

wonder why she decided to communicate she was married, only that day... :)-

Anonymous said...

If life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, then let's all get wasted together and
have the time of our lives:)

Anonymous said...

well!janani did not understand the post!

janani sampath said...

Mr/ Miss anonymous
I realised i got the post wrong after i left that comment...thought noone wud notice Guess u caught me :)
However, i did get the meaning...better late than never :D

Anonymous said...

I am the woman whom you are referring to here in this post. It is quite unfortunate that you must write about me here. And I took out the mangal sutra not to put u off, but I thought u'd be impressed that I owned a lot of wealth. Its sad you didn't notice tis length and thickness.

Anonymous said...

If you are truly the woman in the post, why would you want to impress him with your wealth of all things?

Anonymous said...

I had a same crush on Rakhee Sawanth when she first came as an item girl in a very hot song. Bold attitude, dusky looks, high cheek! she was my dream.

It was only when she opened her heart SHATTERED to smithereens.

journeycalledlife said...

U r hilarious!! and congrats on your book, will be reading it shortly!!

De Dana Songs Lyrics said...

Very funny dude !