Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's Your Sexual Orientation Tonight?

Till yesterday, I hadn't heard of the acronym LGBT. L stands for lesbian, G for gay, B for bisexual and T for transgender. Collectively, they form a community that is now known as the sexual minority. Since I largely live in my own world, I had no idea this is LGBT pride month. On Sunday, they held a pride march on Chennai's Marina beach. And on Monday, US president Obama hosted a reception for them.

Good for them. Everyone in this world has the right to live the way he or she wants to. And there needs to be favourable public opinion and suitable laws to help them do so. Even though the mindset is beginning to change in India, a lot of us still consider members of the sexual minority as objects of either sympathy or ridicule. All they want is acceptance -- that we accept them the way they are -- but we are being tight-fisted about that.

But I have a problem. Which is sort of technical, or perhaps ethical, in nature. I can understand lesbians and gays and transgenders being classified as sexual minorities. But bisexuals? From what I understand, a bisexual is someone who is sexually attracted to and can have sex with a male as well as a female. In other words, a bisexual is someone who can have the best of both worlds. Does that make him a minority? If anything, he is a majority-majority. He is like the native of a feudal village where he enjoys the status and privileges of being a member of the upper caste and then comes to the city to get a job under the quota meant for scheduled and backward castes.

This is not to say one cannot be a bisexual. I am not even making a judgment if it is wrong to be one. If nature has made them that way, who are we to sit on judgment. All I am saying is, why accord a special status to them, as if they are victimised? If at all, it is people who often fall victims to them -- directly or indirectly. A woman would rather discover that her husband slept with her woman friend than find out that he is also sleeping with his male colleague. Our history as well as contemporary society is also replete with cases when men, drunk on their sexual prowess, have not only raped their wives but also sodomised young, soft-looking males at the first given chance. Would you plead for the sexual rights of such men? And if yes, then plead for what -- that they continue having the best of both worlds?

I know this is the age of political correctness and consensus, but there should be a limit. I mean, if you are having sex with your wife or girlfriend and at the same time getting a blowjob from your male servant, be my guest. I have no issues. But please don't claim to be a sexual minority and join the gay pride march. Stay home and have your fun.

Also, why are those who are into animals been excluded from the group of sexual minorities? After all, walls of Khajuraho temple depict bestiality as well and it is not uncommon to hear funny anecdotes about a man mounting a cow or a donkey or a horse. There are porn films that show animals returning the favour to women.

I think I know why no one is fighting for the rights of those who have sex with animals. Since this is the age of political correctness, consensus is very very important when it comes to sexual intercourse. And there is no way of telling if the donkey or the horse had been consenting.


Anonymous said...

Good one again! there is a thin line between freedom and exploitation. Lets be free in our thoughts and actions, but not exploit nature coz when nature starts screwing you, you probably won't know which soceity to join! :-)

Thoughful piece, BG!

Maya said...

My thoughts exactly BG!

First off we have to say 'fuck off' to political correctness because it has been allowed to grow to a level of such absurdity that soon the Society for Promoting Political Correctness would soon be issuing platinum/gold/silver IDs!

If I am fat and ugly I'm game to hear you say that. No need to say that I am impaired with regards to my beauty or shape!

For chrissakes let's be honest and learn to deal with honesty from everyone.

If someone, on a very personal level, feels that it is not in good taste to call me fat and ugly, and therefore want to use an altered phraseology, its really silly!

But if there are others who are polite and don't want to hurt my feelings,and therefore do not wish to comment, I'd appreciate that. Heh!

But the bottom line is let's just tell things the way they are meant to be told or seen...no need for any sort of hypocrisy or political correctness. I think the time has come for 'pc' to be abolished. Seen, done, been there and enough is enough!

And coming back to the issue of sexual preferences..... yes, consent (of persons at the right age and subspecies) should be the fundamental requirement. As for me, no thanks, I don't wish to know what anyone prefers unless I am somehow involved in the picture.

And should there be any case of abuse, be it with humans or animals, then they should be addressed as per rules of civil society!

Personally I respect nature and all things that appeal to my natural/intuitive/conservative approach to life. I'd like to leave behind a less role-confusing, neatly structured world to my kids! I rebel to enjoy more of the good thing, not to create disorder :)

Enjoyed witty and clever your post!

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that those form the majority group(as regd sexual orientation) display concern, sympathy and even contempt openly for those from the minority. But, what about reaching out to them and telling them that they are accepted, just like any other person.
I would like to believe there is a change only when we join hands with the minority group during a march like the one that happened in Marina.

Anonymous said...

hypocrisy is another name for political correctness. that is how i look at it

The Ugly One said...

you sound as if bisexuals are rapists! sexuality is sensitive. it may be fun to have sex with a man and woman but can you tell others about it?

Anonymous said...

Really. If you are bestial and are pouting because nobody fought for you, just say it. Meanwhile the more informed and well-read ones (not pretending, but actually) know that Mother Nature does not care less if you have offsprings or not. So dont tell us you screw for Her sake.

Anonymous said...

I guess these things must be banned out right except in the case of transgender..

Let me tell u why..
Lesbianism and Gayness is more a state of mind than any hormonal deficiency. If at all it is a troubled hormonal situation why dont these people get treated so that they can have an a normal sex life and get more happiness. Than hold protests and struggle for acceptance.

More over let me tell you why it most probably has to be a state of mind. We all know that human beings have descended from Apes. Do we really find lesbian apes? Or for that matter gay dogs, or lesbian parrots? Nature has placed the things in the right place except it is a little mean with the transgendered people.

Legalising lesbianism and gayness would make it an easy way out for many and who knows tomorrow technology might progress and these humans of the same gender might end up parenting ghastly creatures like shrek :P..

Soumya said...

Sexual orientation is a matter of personal choice - nothing really to make an issue about. On this issue,I admire the attitudes of people like Vikram Seth.
Transgenders, I think, are the real sexual minority. We must treat them better, give them equal
space to better themselves.

Unknown said...

live and let live ....

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that a pervert is talking about Mother Nature and political correctness...lol. If satans start reciting verses,what will the angels do?? Let Mother Nature teach a lesson to wolves who are on a prowl in the guise of holy cow.

Nandhu said...

i wanted to say this the other day, but there is no adam and eve. that is a story in a book, a very revered book, but still a book. there is an assumption that nature is one thing. it is not nature that instills in us our sexual preferences. it culd be circumstances too. or genes. in fact, recent studies show that genes have a lot to do with our sexual preferences. to see gays, lesbians and bisexuals as deviants is wrong, however tolerant you might be towards them. i feel they are as normal as heterosexuals. at least i would like to live in a world in which to be gay is exactly the same as being a heterosexual. no raised eyebrows.

that said, i hate the tags. LGBT, and here's another one: PLHAs. that is People Living with HIV/Aids. These acronyms make them sounds like a tagged group. like cows with tags in their ears.

Bhumika's Boudoir said...

From not having heard about LGBT till yesterday (and therefore presumably having no opinion about it) you are very quick to point a finger, aren't you? Oh sorry, edit that to - at showing people exactly like you, the finger. (See, I got very influenced with your throwing political correctness out of the window.)

Last I heard, the animals or kids used to satiate sexual human needs were not really asked if they'd rather be doing it just that way then. And while you have realised just that, you don't seem to have made the connection that the classification as sexual minorities is primarily about two consenting adults having a choice.

May be you could learn something about living and letting live from "Mother Nature". Some research won't hurt either. Go figure.

Just curious, are you also against the use of condoms?

Anonymous said...

Came here from a link left by Praveen (http://praveenscribbles.wordpress.com/)
I have done a post in response to yours..would love it if you could read and respond to it. Thanks!

Praveen said...

Hi Bish,
Have been a silent reader for the last few years and commenting here for the 2nd time, if I am right. Have been wanting to comment on this post ever since you posted, but somehow did'nt.
I am straight and found this post a little insensitve, a gay or bi will be hurt. I see a few contradictions too.
I really did'nt have the guts to do a post on this topic, probably to avoid unhealthy debate on the comment section.
GDS, has done a post on it and I pretty much have similar thoughts. Kindly read her and let us know what you think.

PS: Best wishes for your book and let us know the title of your book.