Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Did this for a friend who had tagged me on Facebook. I thought, why not bring it here as well, 25 random things about me.

1. The night of November 26, 2008, when people were still being killed on the streets of Mumbai, I too had a close shave with death. It had been raining incessantly in Chennai and trees were falling all over the city. One tree fell on the car that was taking me home that night after work. I escaped without a scratch.

2. I dread dying in an unknown city or in the train -- especially when the train is in the middle of nowhere, with the next station still eight hours away.

3. I dread snakes. The only reason why I have never returned to the Sivananda yoga ashram in Kerala is because two snakes -- a viper and a cobra -- were caught and killed during my stay there in 2004.

4. I would run miles away from someone who has oiled his or her hair. Even if she is the most desirable woman on earth -- desirable in my definition that is.

5. A desirable woman, in my definition, is slightly dusky and has a sharp nose and a sharp mind. Other women should think of her as a bitch.

6. Intelligent bespectacled women with cropped hair also fit into the definition.

7. I like women: not just because they happen to be from the opposite sex, but also because they are, by and large, sincere, caring, thoughtful, scrupulous and hard-working. They don't shirk work. They are dignified. Ever seen a woman ask, "Can you lend me hundred bucks?" As a male, I have immense respect for them.

8. I like women who admit they like sex. Ok, one doesn't have to go out of the way to admit it, but you don't have to turn up your nose at the mention of it, just to show what a virtuous woman you are.

9. The most peaceful experience of my life, so far, has been the first long chat I had on February 26, 2006, with my soon-to-be wife. It was Shivaratri, the night of Shiva, and I was in Kanpur. The chants of priests could be heard from the nearby temple, and I was on the phone with her, almost the entire night. That time I didn't know I would be marrying her in less than two months, but I knew my life would never be the same again.

10. People whose names start with 'S' have always played an important role in my life. I don't know what's with the S-factor, but it works. Spooky.

11. I prefer Chennai over Delhi, but I prefer Bangalore over Chennai. Weather apart, people in Bangalore dress very well, and dressing well makes you feel good.

12. But I love Chennai because it's the only city that let's you be. It doesn't make you feel inferior just because you are wearing a five hundred-rupees pair of Bata chappals.

13. I sport a moustache because I used to be a great fan of Jackie Shroff. I outgrew him but never got the courage to shave it off.

14. I am never going to colour my hair or moustache. Never ever.

15. As far as the style of writing goes, I look up to Ved Mehta, the blind writer. He is my role model.

16. I am usually very nervous during flights, and breathe easy only when the capatain announces that we are approaching the destination.

17. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Fortunately, it is limited to checking the taps and switches several times before I leave home. When I do that, I know am being foolish and that I can stop doing that, but then, that's why it is a disorder.

18. I suffer from hypochondria.

19. I am a habitual smoker, but I hate cigarette smoke when I am not smoking.

20. I love cats. They can be as nice as dogs.

21. My favourite yoga pose is chakrasana or urdhva dhanurasana, also known as the wheel pose.

22. It is my dream to be a yoga teacher when I am a little older -- teaching in a cute, little ashram either by the sea or on a hill-top. Beautiful students, handsome fees.

23. It is also my dream to be a successful writer sooner than later so that I don't have to depend on a job to earn my living. I detest timings, I detest having a boss. (God, help me realising this dream, please).

24. During a conversation, I am the listener.

25. I hate my name. Fortunately, most people call me BG.


Sadhana Ramchander said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging, Bishwanath. Good to see you back here.

Ardra said...

Happy to see you blogging regularly...

Anonymous said...

I agree with ur No 11 and I am lauhing at your No 18. Seriously???

Anonymous said...


oh!oh!oh!incidentally t is spooky "s" everywhere..