Wednesday, July 16, 2008

By The Cherwell

A poem written by my wife, Shuvashree, during her recent visit to England (the picture is taken by her as well):

As we glided down the river path
Lush green grass on both sides we passed
The soft beam of the evening sun
Warming our faces under a bridge we passed

The flowers swaying in the moist chilly breeze
As varied in color like the rainbow that peeked
The smell of the woods inhaling deep
We brushed the light drizzle from our sleeve

As I lay back on the cushioned plank
In level with the water like a raft
I looked to my right and what do I see?
A little duck struggling to keep pace with me

I closed my eyes to seal the beauty
That around me was abundant and free
When again I opened my eyes to see
A group of ducks was floating alongside me

Under a pretty bridge once again we passed
The blue eyed Punt girl in English accent said to us
Magdalene Bridge off the River Cherwell it was
Punting downstream in Oxfordshire we were.


Unknown said...

Looks like this a family of writers!!
Bish like you your wife is a wordsmith too and yes a budding photographer as well.
Keep up the good work and looking for many more poems from Shuvashree.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Bishwanath Ghosh

I closed my eyes to seal the beauty
That around me was abundant and free

Yes, such feeling sways us when we are in the midst of the unbelievable beauty.

I love my wife. I need to say this (and I really mean it) because some of you will misinterpret my previous statement. Yes, I do love my wife, but even she would laugh if I suggested that we are an ideal match.(Haha..)

I request you to read my humorous blogs on

Naval Langa

Anonymous said...

poem by wife...
nice. .

whats her blog

what a match you got man. ! !