Saturday, November 24, 2007

The River

The river that inspired the URL of this blog.

By the Ganges. At dusk. In Kanpur.


Paresh Palicha said...

Feel Blessed being here... :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back... :-)

Anonymous said...

there is something about this river, isn't there? i had been here years ago - as a kid - yet somehow that memory remains. no visuals - just the concept.

the photo is interesting. You turning back, and the shadow of that line thing sticking out.

trust you had a good time! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd call it reflection..

Anonymous said...

Rivers and the sea brings out the best in some of the writers. I have a colleague who heads for the Himalayas every year for three weeks. He returns slimmer, happier and in great spirits but always longing for his next climb.
Take care

Anubhuti said...

Mr Ghosh, next time you meet her, give her my love. I grew up with it but haven't seen it since I grew up.