Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh God!

My friend Adithya, with who I spend endless hours discussing God and girls, now has a blog. Since he prides himself to be an atheist, the discussion about God is usually about His non-existence: he will take you right back to the Big Bang theory to prove there is no such thing as God.

Adithya is indeed a Big Bang guy. But he admits there is one downside of being a atheist. "There is no one to talk to when you're getting a great blowjob," he says. God, please find him an object to scream/moan to while he is at it.

That reminds me, why do people call out to God when they approach orgasm? Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

I may buy a lotto ticket today too and win a billion dollars tomorrow, can I make the man I want most love me with the money? Call it what you want, God, Time, Fate, Destiny..... only these can make it happen!!!!!!

Adithya said...

Dear anonymous,

Going by the romantic definition of love as propagated by our movies, you will not be able to make him budge with money (assuming he is a man of character as portrayed by our heroes), but I assure you this is an ideal situation and as such, to the best of my knowledge does not exist aplenty.

I say aplenty because women are a funny lot and it they who has made this 'ideal man' a dying breed. Women like bad boys and will soon loose attraction towards the 'ideal man' if he keeps loving her. Its all about the chase, once he is yours its boring. I know this sounds rather ridiculous, but I'm confident you will agree with me soon.

All this has got my brain cells ticking and its time I wrote a blog on love. In the meantime here is another point to ponder. In a raffle draw, you cannot influence the man who picks the lot during the draw. You bought your ticket in the name of this man you love and he so far has not picked you out. Increase your chances, go out and buy a few more tickets.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't need God in that situation at all! He ought to be shouting out the Goddess's name instead

Anonymous said...

Adithya may be your friend but why the hell are you bothered about his orgasm? My guess is that you are not having one properly back home!!!

It is high time you stopped being a vagabond. Worrying about the other's orgasm is indeed not yours, right???????

Adithya said...

tsk, tsk, tsk anonymous... he is not referring to my orgasm Read again, it might help.