Monday, November 20, 2006

Sunday Musings, Written on Monday

You wear a ring given to you by someone very dear -- father, grandfather, girlfriend, etc. It brings you good luck and all that. Then one day you lose the ring. How would you feel?

Seven years later. The person who gave you the ring is no more, but one afternoon, you find the ring. It was hidden in one of the pouches of your suitcase. How would you feel?

You take the ring to the jeweller and ask him to polish it. The evening you go to collect it, the jeweller falls at your feet. "Sir, the ring got stolen!" How would you feel?

Life goes on, meanwhile. The same old whisky, Pancham, books and sex. Talking of sex reminds me: the other day I was chatting with a friend, a female. Except for food, almost all our interests match. But I did not know that sex was a common interest too, till the conversation that afternoon suddenly twisted towards it while we were discussing Casino Royale, the new Bond movie. That reminds me: if you haven't seen Casino Royale yet, go see it.

I am not much into new movies, that too English movies, for the simple reason that I don't follow the accent most of the time. I piece together the plot mostly through the body language. But for some movies I make an exception. Jhankar Beats and Mathew McConnaughey-starrer Sahara I have seen a couple of times in the theatre and subsequently bought their videos. And I am going to watch Casino Royale again and buy the DVD whenever it comes out. The stunts, especially in the first half, are breathtaking: it looks hair-raisingly real.

So back to the conversation I was having with this friend. No paraphrasing, no gist, no inferences -- I am just going to Ctrl C + Ctrl V (I am taking off her name though):

She: hey, how's your throat ya, havent asked you in ages

Me: throat is a lot better

She: new post wanted, new post wanted

Me: meaning?

She: on your blog baba

Me: oh

She: december is comingggggggggg ggggggggggggggg gg i will have sex again... a fucking YEAR's drought... can you believe that (her boyfriend is back in December)

Me: do u have sex only with certain men?

She: only with people I have relationships with

Me: i mean does it HAVE to be that guy?

She: oh y.e.s.! i dont do the casual sex thing

Me: can we have an interim relationship?

She: you are like my big brother... achha tell me something, what is tantric sex?

Me: dunno really.. but i guess it is about continence, as in when u do it without coming, etc. etc.

She: ohay... Sting once had tantric sex for 16 HOURS ya

Me: tantric sex cud be without sexual contact, when two people sit in front on each other

She: and do what? compose sonnets on each others beauty?

Me: have stimulation and orgasm by the sight

She: please!

Me: seriously

She: penetration is the be-all and end-all of all existence

Me: no, sex is everything but penetration... penetration is by the way

She: not for me

Me: u dont realise it, but is

She: but it HAS to end with it

Me: nooooo...

She: arrey for me it does

Me: the most important part is the moments/minutes after the penetration, followed by the post-coital smoke

She: penetration is the only climax. Period.

Period. December is coming.


Sutharsanan said...

Dude...seriously, S.E.X. is overrated.

Anonymous said...

I just realised how shallow I sound online.

- The friend, a female, with whom all your interests match, except for food.

Anonymous said...

What was that ring story? And how it connects with sex?

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Anon 2: There is no connection. Does there have to be?

Anonymous said...

@Bishwanath - No, at least not necessarily. But you didn't answer - what was that ring story?

Nandhu said...

what do u do to get in touch with such women? i mean how do u pitch yourself to be in a position like that? eh?

Anonymous said...

hey...very soon u wl loose ur popularity...Is SEX the ultimate thing in ur world???

Anonymous said...

Yeah Bishu, very true, December is coming indeed. Remember Nov end last year to 26th Dec?

Bohemian said...

Well,Yeah SEX is the most over-rated and the most engimatic thing in the world.People always wanna know more and always about how the other person did it :)

Casino Royale has been a good outing for Craig,inspite of what the critics and the common man predicted.Bond movies are a class apart.PERIOD.

December is coming...well the less said the better..It always reminds one of resolutions and a year GONE ! Priceless moments of time, never to come back again.

Online chatting is one helluva experience, as long as it does not center around sex.One may soon realise that the charm and the suspense associated with sex-chatting is not so real after-all.
An online friend cannot be a friend if the talks center around only sex.

Nyway BG, a good post, however I expected more

Anonymous said...

Thank my stars i don't chat with u. 'Friend', is indeed a word that u should write about sometime.

editor said...

Blog B'day mubarak

dharmabum said...

although i share the interest, don't myself know much about the subject of sex, and so will refrain from commenting.
like always, great reading!

Anonymous said...

ha ha.
chanced upon your blog after almost 8-10 months.
I should have something to say about the sex thing, from the female perspective.
soon I thing.
Congratulations on the wedding!

Frustrations Amalgamated said...

this makes no sense at all..

Shankari said...

tchaaa, post coital smoke as p.c. bliss?

*how gawdaaawful* :p

Different folks!

Anubhuti said...
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