Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where Do You Get Prostitutes in Madikeri? I Don't Know!

Looks like I am on the way to becoming another Henry Miller, provided Google can smell one's ideas. Three people were directed to my blog today when they Google-searched for the following:

"Stick to one woman";

"Where do we get prostitutes in Madikeri"; and

"Though my husband was in the room his boss asked me to remove my saree".

I hope these people found what they were searching for. As for becoming another Henry Miller, there is another reason for hope. We not only share the same zodiac sign but also the same birthday: 26 December.


Anu Russell said...

how can you do that? i want to know who are checking my blog too!

Anonymous said...

sorry - off topic - what happened to that 'disturbing link'

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Anu: Go to Statcounter or Sitemeter.

Atul: Removed it because the link -- surpsingly -- went dead.

editor said...

may be it was the same person who searched thrice. came once, didn't find it then again tried his luck on the same blog and again, persistent chap, it is really interesting the kinds of phrases which people type like 'easy girl of X relion for boy of Y faith'...etc etc

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