Sunday, August 13, 2006

Three Enemies Who Ruined My Game

I have a fetish for nostalgia, but this column isn't inspired by it. If anything, it is driven by a sense of despair that grips you when a bunch of people conspire to ruin your happiness. It is like going to an old-world restaurant for years and years, and then one day the restaurant is pulled out and a shopping mall springs up in its place. Shoppers will come in hordes, but a handful of people will always mourn the restaurant. In the same way, I mourn cricket.

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Visithra said...

that first para just hit home that was until i read the last word! bah ;p

Usha said...

Feel exactly the same way - in face i go further and mourn the days when the scene was recrested for us through immensely talented radio commentators.