Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'Amitabh is (Only) a Lucky Superstar'

Ok, I think of Amitabh as a superstar, the world thinks of him as a superstar, but what does Mithun Chakraborty, a contemporary and a co-actor in Agneepath (which fetched Mithunda a National Award for best supporting actor), think about the Big B? The Bengali star smiles and says: “I would say he is a lucky superstar.” Lucky? As in the Big B is no good as an actor? “Look, what is acting? Acting means you should be able to play any role given to you. Acting means playing Ramkrishna Paramhansa (in Swami Vivekananda) and also being the Disco Dancer of the nation. If you talk about acting, I think Naseeruddin Shah is a great actor, Paresh Rawal is a great actor, even Johnny Lever is a great actor. For me, they are the real actors.” Full story here

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Unknown said...

you have to see Prem Pratigyaa and Hum Paanch if you want to see him as an actor in full flow - i agree he is not the kind that evokes the same response as AB or any of the actors he mentions as good. But then part of it is his doing - he has possibly chosen to stay away from better films.

Is AB just lucky? am not sure - but then - thats a whole different post and a whole different argument. :)