Friday, February 17, 2006

Why Should Politicians Be Khadi-Clad?

It isn’t easy if you want to look like a policeman even for a day. You have to get a khaki uniform stitched — and God alone knows where you can get those stars and the badges and, above all, the cap from. Ditto if you want to look like an Army or a Navy officer. Even a lawyer, for that matter. Unless you are friends with a film ‘extra’ who can guide you to the shop that rents out stuff for shootings.

But to look like a politician, all you need to do is walk into the nearest Khadi Gramodyog store and buy yourself a white kurta and a pajama and, perhaps, a waistcoat. Go home, change, and there you are! — a politician. Full story.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post!!! Enjoyed it thoroughly...:).
Evoked mixed feeling:
a) Why do corporeal images affect us so much, as in, can clothes and one's looks change or break one's image?
b)Wish change in clothes could result in change in our attitudes, point of views, and society's moral fabric in general.

Another observation: The title of this piece should be "Why Shouldn't Politicians Be Khadi-Clad?", because in this piece, you are not justifying the use of khadi, rather you are asking people to discard it. :)