Thursday, February 09, 2006

Loev and Se-x

Look at the extent to which online hawkers can go to avoid detection by spamguards and firewalls. I got a mail today from one John Brown which said:

"Do You have enough pwoer to provide your patrner high quality SE-X on St. Valentine day? Get a MON-STER pwoer, nothing can bring your ererction down!Show your partner the PWOER of your LOEV and she will always remember You. Loev will ALWAYS be associated with YOU! Your order will be PRIVATE, nobody will know what You use. "

I noticed this mail because these days I check my bulk/junk folder. That's because the responses to my profile on are landing, for some reason, on this folder. And if you want to know why I registered with, read this. Mr John Brown, fuck off for now.


Rim said...

Hope "she" comes along Bish...BOL!

Visithra said...

good luck with shaadi ;) on mr brown - spam can be humorously irritating ;)