Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pictures From Sri Lanka...

Sunset in Colombo.

The adonis who took me on a boat ride
on the Bentota river.

A young couple on the Colombo beach
who agreed to pose.

Young Buddhist monks outside Galle station.

Yours truly posing by the Galle Road,
in front of a
tsunami-damaged monument.

Again on the road to Galle. The sea
behind killed about
20,000 in this
area alone exactly a year ago.

With one of the dare-devils who throng
the parapet of
the Dutch fort at Galle,
offering to jump into the ocean for money.

A daredevil jumps into the ocean.

Tsunami is past. Time to buy Lux

Sri Lankan beauties!


Deepa Bhasthi said...

Sri Lanka!! wow! My bestest friend is from there and she is always telling me how beautiful it is. She lived just by the ocean and the pics I have seen are amazing!
Hope you had fun. The destruction must be sad to look at.

Akruti said...

Sunset and water always mesmerizes me:) Looks like you had a wonderful time

kannan said...

Pl. visit-

Medical Blog said...

A young couple on the Colombo beach
who agreed to pose.