Thursday, December 22, 2005

The One O' Clock Train

I am waiting for the 1 o' clock train
Everything else can wait
The train stops for 15 minutes
sometimes it is late.

She sits by the window
looking out for me.
I run and reach for her hand
dodging the men selling tea.

Time is short: 15 minutes
And so much to talk
But she will come again tomorrow
When the watch shows 1 o' clock.

I had a dream this morning:
she slips a piece of paper into my hand
before fading out of the platform
a small note written in long hand.

"Time has come. In the station
you don't have to roam.
I am your destiny,
take me home."


Jayaprakash Sampath said...


Anonymous said...

You surprise me every day,
By showing me a rainbow way,
With colors so bright and beautiful,
Contrasting; yet mingling with each other;
Wonder where you get all these colors from?
You are a painter or a demi god?
I stare admiringly at these written thoughts,
And tell myself, this is a waterfall in the life of draught
Go on, go on, dear wordsmith, we are waiting for more;
Your writing is sure an inspiration to all.

Akruti said...

I am your destiny,take me home."
Its the right time,Take her home:)
Maybe we know the "DESTINY" for which you are being congratulated:)

Sheks said...
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Sheks said...

did this really happen or is it just an imagination??:)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Prakash: Thanks!

r!: You have been too generous with compliments. Don't think I deserve that. :)

Akruti and Sheks: The 'Destiny' I've mentioned is an illusion. There are no signs of it getting real :(

Dr. Health said...

But she will come again tomorrow
When the watch shows 1 o' clock.