Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dampened Mind

Rains are refusing to stop in Chennai. Are the rain gods, having been propitiated far too often, making up for the past years? Or are the gods shedding tears for something the human eye cannot see? Whatever it maybe, my mind isn't working. It is powered by sunlight, and the sun has been away for far too long now.

All those poets who wrote cute songs about the rain should have spent the past week in Chennai.


Usha said...

How about converting the inconvenience into an adventure -might as well enjoy it when you can do nothing about it?
Filling the house with some 80s kishore stuff or anytime Jagjit? Renting some favorite movies? Hot vadas and bhajjis should not be difficult to get in chennai?
Or make a pot of hot tea/ coffee, buy some pretty handmade paper, fill the fountaian pen and begin "my dear...."

(was just trying to cheer you up...I understand how depressing it must be....especially after your earlier post on red shirts and rains!)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Usha: Your suggestions have the warmth of the early-winter sun which I had been enjoying all this while back home in the North before returning to Chennai a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for reminding me of that and of my home.