Monday, October 17, 2005

God Made Man, or Man Made God?

There are times when you feel pushed to the wall: and then you look at the picture on the wall. Shiva, the God, smiling down at you. At least he hasn't ditched you, you think. And you feel better. But think a little harder and you wonder -- isn't that just a picture frame? In the end you are left with your own devices to pick up the pieces and fix your life.

Yet, the smiling, serene face in the picture gives you a moment of hope. Why? Maybe because there are moments when you want to stop thinking, switch off the vavles of rationality in your brain, and just surrender yourself to an unknown force; and the force has to be unknown, unseen because only then you can expect a miracle. You can't expect miracles from living beings, unless they are a David Blaine or our own P C Sorcar.

The question is, does such a force really exist? Or is it a creation of man? Does God really exist, or is he only a creation of man?

I am seeking the answer to these questions. Maybe I know the answer, but I am scared to acknowledge it: who knows how many times I might need to surrender blindly to that unseen force. But some related questions keep haunting me:

1. When someone dies in an accident, they say "It's God's will." And if you survive an accident, they say, "It's God's grace." Isn't the name of God used a mere tool of convenience?

2. They say God is one, then why so many Gods?

3. They say God helps only those who help themselves. Why would people who help themselves need God anyway? To give God all the credit for their hard work?

4. Even if you believe in God, then why, say, the picture of Lord Venkateswara hanging on the wall at your home, doesn't suffice? Why do you keep making trips to Tirupati? Do you have more faith in the idol of Venkateswara at Tirupati than in the picture of Venkateswara at your home?

5. By the same logic, why do people go to temples when they have so pictures of various God and Goddesses at their home? Is there a difference between the two? Or do Gods living in temples have more power to grant wishes?

6. Why do people fight and kill each other in the name of God? Shouldn't they be loving each other? Why is it 'Your God-My God'?

It is all a matter of faith, you might say. And what is faith? Faith does not come out of vacuum: man creates it, he is not born with it. And once you have faith, you are not supposed to ask questions. I guess that is why I would never find convincing answer to these questions. Not because they don't have answers, but because they are not supposed to be answered.


Jo said...

listen man u r verses r great 4 a philo mind but i ll say this about u just like i say about a lot of people who write verses-keep it light!not too many sentimental tosh!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Icecold and Cathy, point taken.

Anonymous said...

man * god each a figmet of other reality.
man:- The living Truth
god:- God the truth himself
man:- The curasder
god: The Keeper
Man:- What we see
god:- What we believe.
who made whom answer still question.

Regards & Thanks
Gurpreet Kainth.
Phone mo. +919988500487

kal said...

Good that you asked so many questions! :) These are the kind of questions to which you will find answers within yourself upon more thinking.. As for the question "why do ppl go to temples", I would say its because 'they have sanctity'... isnt there a difference between eating home food and restaurant food and food on the road-side? Every thing belongs to its place. The true essence of prayers can be felt in a place of sanctity- be it your home or a temple.
'It is not necessarily sufficient for people who help themselves to disregard the power of God".. How many times you see people around, failing in their missions for no explicable reasons? there is some divine force, which comes with deep meditation...For some, this could be a meditation on some form of idol, for some it could be on their own work, for yet others, it could be on some unseen force.. God is formless. But at the same time, he can be visualised in any form you want. The form is only a means to reach the power. It is not the power in itself.
"you donot need to make trips to tirupati if you dont find it spiritually fulfilling! I havent been to tirupati in years.. so I cant truly comment on how I spiritually feel when I am there.. But when it is a place that attracts thousands of people, I expect there must be a lot of positive vibes there...
Yes, I agree. people should fight in the name of God. nothin is more foolish in this world. Instead, a congregation of all faiths and beliefs could be used to empower the world.
Yes.. faith is inherent in man, Its not created in vacuum or by an external force. but so is God. God is an inherent power within all things in the world. so, isnt your questions self-explanatory? dear friend, you have all the answers within you.. all you need is to discover them.. and there is no reason why you cant! Good luck with your thinking and with your quest for answers! :)

kal said...

correction : "people shouldnt fight in the name of God".. :p

Dr. Health said...

and the force has to be unknown, unseen because only then you can expect a miracle. The question is, does such a force really exist

Divya pathak said...

Negative and Positive energy what we have read in science which make an equilibrium.
Similarly, God and Devil is nothing but a form of Positive energy and Negative energy respectively.
So, whenever we looked to a picture of God or to go to the temple we received a form of Positive energy which ultimately gives us hope and power to bear the pain, to face the problems.