Sunday, December 25, 2005

Afterthoughts Of A Capricorn

Tomorrow I will stand at a point that is equidistant from youth and middle-age. I don't know if that calls for a celebration, but I will celebrate anyway. On the eve of the celebration, Life has just handed me the report card. It measures me on a scale of 10.

For my ability to dream, I have got 10.

For my ability to translate those dreams, I got 5 (actually 4, but I am ashamed to admit that).

For my relationships, 2 (this year has been bad).

For online relationships, 8.

Reading, 7.

Writing, 8.

Sex, 4.

Career, 9.

Blogging, 12.

At the bottom there is a comment: "Even if you the capacity to achieve, you will achieve only if you want to achieve. So get your act together. You hardly have time." If I get my act together, which I promise I will, the figures in the report card would remain the same next year -- only some interchanging:

For my ability to dream, 10.

For my ability to translate those dreams, 12.

For my relationships, 8.

For online relationships, 2.

Reading, 7.

Writing, 8.

Sex, 8.

Career, 9.

Blogging, 4.


Sheks said...

me too a capri.

Visithra said...

Happy birthday ;)

Sangeeta said...

Happy Birthday buddyy! Have a great day!!!

Akruti said...

Happy Birthday:)

Local Anusthesia said...

enjoy the day, bish!

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Thanks, all of you.

Sushma Sabnis said...

wish u a belated happy birthday.. fabulous post..

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Bish, from one Capri to another

My Blog said...

You hardly have time.